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Writer's Block: Super Computer
What do you wish your computer or laptop could do much better than it does now?

...I WISH IT WOULD CHARGE. THAT'S ALL. Could you do that for me? Kthx.


and I'm all:

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Serioulsy? Hot damn.

How's it going? I haven't seen you since Germany-Uruguay (obvs).

Not bad! I'm trying to get my old job at FIT back so I can finally focus on moving into my own place.

How about yourself? :3

If you get your job back, I'll go to the Rat just to see you, haha. I can't stand too much fried food but the soda selection is pretty good and there's always the milkshakes and stuff from Black Cats', which are pretty tasty.

I'm officially sticking around to go to grad school, at least for the first year. I'm psyched because I love math and I need to do something other than be dumb and unemployed and reading LJ constantly, but I'm depressed because it means my fiance and I will be long distance for a while. I'm hoping throwing myself into football (actually watching Bundesliga matches, writing fic, etc) will give me an outlet while we chat online.

Oh, and I finally visited Varsity Soccer Shop up on Wickham. They have the official legit home and away jerseys, though they're full price, as well as Bayern Munich's home kit. They also have SCARVES! Both Germany and Bayern Munich, $16.50 a pop. If the USA wins the World Cup bid, guess where I'm shopping. XP

omg fuck yeah! Glad to hear you're staying in Melbourne. I miss working at the Rat because I made so many friends at FIT and on slow days people would just hang out and talk to me, it was awesome :) and I don't even care that the milkshakes at the Black Kat were like 6 bucks, the oreo milkshake owns my soul.

You know, it's funny cuz I just drove through the Plaza where Varsity Soccer is and said to Austin, "I wonder if they sell Germany stuff there..." and lo and behold, they do! I want a scarf soo bad, I love the way they look. My dad's giving me the NT home jersey he got on eBay because it doesn't fit him so now I have both NT Jerseys \o/

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